What are the advantages for me, a Sage SalesLogix Client, with onsite development staff in using Premier Programming Services?

There are numerous advantages to using Premier Programming Services as your service vendor.
Let's start with our professionalism:

  • Your company information is kept private and secure, we are fully insured against data loss and will sign any reasonable Non-Disclosure Agreement to assure your data privacy.
  • We will always professionally represent ourselves and give your needs the attention they deserve.
  • We will always provide premium care and services to you with minimal response times and maximum results.
  • We honor our relationships and offer much, much more than simple development services including: Needs Analysis, both Fixed and Flex-bid professional estimates in various formats from standard work order to detailed sales proposals, and post implementation support.

We offer years of experience as successful developers... and boot camp training for yours!
We offer 4 and 8 hour training classes and materials for your developers. SalesLogix is NOT standard development, we show you the ins and outs of the SalesLogix development environment, common controls and tricks and tips for this unique environment.
Have a tough project in the near future? Not sure how something should be implemented in SalesLogix? You can farm out the tough design work to us, when you use our coded solutions for SalesLogix, you not only get the job done, but you get full source code for your custom design, meaning your developers can take the framework and run with it, extending it as they see fit, and be able to use it for future reference in similar situations.
Your I.T. staff is commendable, experienced, and invaluable to your company. We provide the means for your them to quickly get up to speed in a different development paradigm. SalesLogix Development.

We offer Complete Customer Care:
We offer full-time SalesLogix Administrative care for your business at reduced rates dependent upon the number of hours needed per month. We administer your system, keep the software up to date, your users up, running, and secured, and maintain your system state for you, no questions asked, and provide detailed reports of our administrative activities on a monthly basis. Want to know more? Email us at service@ppsfirm.com and we'll be happy to contact you to discuss your needs and what we can do for you.

We offer years of experience as successful consultants.
Our solutions are geared towards one thing - you company's satisfaction. From small half day Crystal Reports to large, phased, multi-year implementations and customizations, we bring quality and imagination to the table. We've built applications for every business model from global security to business franchise to small (but growing) shops. Your business model is different. It takes someone with experience like ours to understand that and be able to provide the right solution for your needs.

Let's face it, in today's economy it just makes sense, only hire the resource for the time you need the resource, no more, no less. We can provide our expertise so your I.T. staff can use theirs. We will work with your developers, providing guidance in this unique area and best practices. Our consultants are Senior level only, having worked in the industry for a number of years (minimum experience in the industry for any Premier Programming Services consultant is 6 years). We only hire the best, and we only offer the best.

*Premier Programming Services carries full insurance for its development staff for Errors and Omissions, all relevant constraints apply as determined at time of contract.

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